This came from a post at http://zionred.livejournal.com/.

"Of course, you do hear of a few that stray from the pack and try to give American soldiers a bad name. Unfortunately, those are the soldiers that the media often profiles while ignoring the rest. Case in point: just check out this blog from a soldier who calls himself The Unlikely Soldier. (warning: it is layered with profanities)It's a perfect example of a "rotten apple" within the armed forces that gives other American soldiers a bad name. His ramblings are some of the most immature, thoughtless and senseless postings you will ever read from a soldier. Thankfully, most soldiers are not like this. "

Oh the irony. I like this fellow already.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Ramble on.
    Anonymous said...
    What a DOUCHE! This is why I can not stand those self-righteous freakin' christian zealots. They're just as bad as the terrorists.

    You are freakin' AWESOME!

    I hope that F^CK3R burns in hell, as Jesus intends him to for misappropriation of His (supposed) teachings. :P

    Much Love Suspect!
    Anonymous said...
    I left him a sweet little comment.

    Anonymous said...
    To MJ:

    So did I! Hahahahahaha! :)

    We'll see if he decides to post it.
    Angel said...
    Wow. And to think your blog has been what has renewed my faith in the everyday soldier boy. That guy is a loon.

    And to call you out on profanities?! Let's send him over there and let him serve a year or so... see how many new ones he can come up with!
    Veronica said...
    Hmmmm... profanities??!!! That is what made me fall in lust, love, head over heels with your words and faceless self! I do not want more with the sugar coated Disney-esque bullshit that is already in the papers and filling the .NET everywhere we look. You have made me laugh, cry and everything in between. Thank you for being you and giving us a view very few others would. Sticks and stones my friend...
    Zion Red said...
    LOL. No, thank YOU for the traffic. (also, just so you understand... I don't mind the profanities, but some do. So, that's why the warning.
    Anonymous said...
    Hey Suspect- I've been an avid follower of your blog since my NCOIC directed me to it a few months back.

    You are saying the things we were never able to say when we were there, yet this "Zion" (I really need to read more of this moron's crap to see where that name comes from) has the nerve to come and blast not only you, but me and every other Soldier who feels the same as "rotten apples".

    It frustrates me to no end to see any Soldier badmouthed by someone who has not "been there n done that".

    Keep it coming, looking forward to hearing of your return "exploits".

    SSG B. J.
    OIF I
    Anonymous said...
    As are most media articles, it was again taken out of context.

    Had he read your blog from the beginning, he would have seen the full picture.

    *** Sighs ***
    Anonymous said...
    We get to choose to whom we listen and thankfully there are at least a couple of views. and thankfully your views get to be heard/read! It is very important for we who don't follow the leader always. You speak with authority as well. So glad this year is about over...and I thank you for your writings all the way through.
    4/2 mom
    Anonymous said...
    Suspect, you're the perfect example of a combat soldier...bone tired,sick of death and fear, and ready to go home. The gentleman who wrote the note about "...a bad apple..." should read Bill Mauldin's "Up Front". Joe and Willie could be teammates of yours. He probably also doesn't realize that this blog is for you, not us. Come on home. We love you and miss you.

    Uncle Paul
    BigD said...
    Hi Suspect,
    I think zionred has just figured out that he has wandered into enemy territory and the "Suspect Army" has just opened up a can of Stryker whup ass on him. Never underestimate the power of the written word! I for one am proud to me a member of your personal Army of supporters, I pledge thee my allegiance!

    Right now I am extremely angry and frustrated cuz I need to write but, I gotz to go to work, but, I'll be back. God(s) speed Ryan, come round soon!
    nicole said...
    Suspect, keep taking, keep writing, put your book together, I'll be the first one to buy it!

    you write the truth and give words to the emotions we most feel!

    Anonymous said...
    I left your Zion fan a note. Told him that only people who have been there should ever be able to question your philosophy. Nothing worse than some knucklehead who has never driven a car tell you how to drive! As much as it makes me cringe sometimes, I like to hear the truth. Anybody who paints war like a nickelodeon cartoon is naive anyway. You rock. We know it, and now his readers know it. Stand above the crap, dude.

    Did I tell you I now have 20 acres, a hammock, and a huge pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade? Just in case you want to relax from all that partying you'll do when you get home!

    Aunt Sandy
    LT Nixon said...
    Don't worry, Suspect, we got your back.
    themorethingschange... said...
    Whoa! zionred sat his (expletive deleted) butt in a nest of angry rattlers when he deigned to rain on your parade!

    I'm so friggin' mad my mind can't keep up with my insults !!!!!

    Been reading his profile and posts this AM and I'm locked and loaded.

    However, I've learned over the years that once I've spewed my thoughts onto paper it's wise to sit on them a bit before hurling them into the face of whomever.

    CB's book just came - seriously, this very moment - so I'm gonna take my own advice and read for a while.

    Anonymous said...
    I don't choose which troops I'll support and which troops I won't. I support them all, but having served in the military, I know who's doing the work. Combat troops. The boots on the ground doing the things most of us don't have the guts to do, in an environment that makes gitmo look like the Hilton. It is the combat troops who deserve our unconditional support.

    Here's to you, Suspect, for describing what combat troops go through.

    I support COMBAT troops!

    Anonymous said...
    What?!?!?! I'm a former Soldier, now Army wife with a husband returning yet again to Iraq and we have your blogged in our faves so we can keep up with a blogger who keeps it real. Obviously, that person must be writing their blog in the confines of their cushy armchair.

    Keep writing!
    Anonymous said...
    Ummmmmm.....CLEARLY the dude that wrote that does not know any deployed soldiers. All my friends seem to share your thoughts... and choice of words! Rock On Suspect!!!

    Anonymous said...
    If all blogs were as "immature, thoughtless and senseless" as yours, the internet would be a better metaphorical place.

    Anonymous said...
    doesn't matter how much traffic you get zion red, no one is readin your shit anyways
    madtom said...
    I for one have enjoyed and looked forward to see your ramblings, and am sorry to see you go...though I am sure your not.

    Thanks for one of my favorite milbloggs
    pipsqeak said...
    Dude, most of the soldiers I know speak just like you. Thanks for sharing your exploits and good luck being short time :)
    Anonymous said...
    Maybe he's just jealous of your youthful charm, grace, and obvious hotness. Sigh.
    Anonymous said...
    For some strange reason I find that zealot comment so out there that it is comically funny. Yours is one of my favorite blogs, and I too will miss it. You have amazing writing talent. God Speed Home.
    Aprillini said...
    Yes, I agree that your obscenities and outrageously in your face posts are what made me tune in your "faceless" self.

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