Arrogant Little Bastard

Never one to be the patient type, I've been keeping myself entertained while waiting for the next phase of travel. Thing is though, this typically involves me having fun at others' expense.

Me (to a young MP): "What the fuck is that on your unit patch?"
MP: "Huh? Where?"
Me: "Is that a BEAR?"
MP: "Yeah."
Me: "Wow. I've seen some really gay unit patches. I've even seen one with a little seahorse on it."
MP: [nervous chuckle]
Me: "And the 2nd Cav patch, looks like a girl scout patch if you ask me."

Of course I'm wearing the 2nd ID Indian Head patch. One of the few unit patches that doesn't look retarded. The 101st probably tops ours, and 1st ID has a simple cut and dry one, but for the most part, unit patches just look stupid. Especially when they have a cute fuzzy bear on it.

Me: "What's going on, sergeant?"
Sgt (as he places an order in Subway): Not much, you?"
Me: "Not much. Going home."
Sgt: "On R&R?"
Me: "No. For good. Redeploying." [Shit eating grin]

It's essential to point out that you're going home, especially to the non-combat MOS types that hang around this base. Plus, we already stick out like sore thumbs here, being that we're Infantry and have no regard for social norms or manners or the opinions of others.

We're like outlaws in this domesticated, glitzed out FOB. America, you're next.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Glad to see you enjoying yourself. Especially with an MP, right Sandy? :)

    BigD said...
    Hey Suspect,
    I like "arrogant little bastard" a lot more than rotten apple. You always make me laugh. The 82nd Airborne patch is pretty cool too. I hope you don't meet any Cav Scouts in your travels...you might end up wearing a "sad/grouchy" Care Bear patch on your forehead. Do they have a spa at the glitzed out FOB? (JK) I can just see all you sorry-butt infantry guys mucking up the place with your muddy boots, while you lolly-gag about with all the social graces of a bull in a china shop! Is it your fault that being in the Raq for 15 months has jaded you and caused you to fly in the face of all things "Miss Manners? Hell to the no!
    Keep on truckin' baby...(*smiles*)
    Anonymous said...
    The 82d patch is the only one real unit patch. All others suck.

    Uncle Paul
    themorethingschange... said...
    -> partial to the horse blanket <-

    Anonymous said...
    Yo, power down man.
    Anonymous said...
    Can you get a "rotten apple" patch ?
    Anonymous said...
    Glad to hear you are wearing the Indian head patch. My father was in the 2nd ID. I have warm childhood memories of that patch.

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