Kamikaze Kelly

After my last day of tower guard, I was afforded a day off. When the boys got back for the day, [StanMarsh] popped his head into my living area and sat down on my bunk to enlighten me on what I missed.

He pulled his camera out. On the screen, he showed me what looked like a black mop head lay on the ground, covered in dust.

"Oh, damn, is that a head?" I asked.

"Yeah. Some lady blew herself up. Look at this one, here's part of her skull."

I whistled a little.

"The smell was so fuckin' bad, dude," he shook his head, chuckled a tiny empty laugh.

While I did laundry and cleaned my living area up, they were dealing with the aftermath of a suicide bombing. Scattered body parts, wounded and killed Iraqis. The attack was targeting the local "good guy" militia.

She walks up to the house, probably trying to have a "meeting" with their head honcho. They stop her at the gate to search her supposedly. She goes with Plan B.

And it's all summed up by a dirty, disheveled, black Cousin It laying in the street. Guess she was trying to prove a point or something.

Now once again, here is where the gloves come off for a minute.

The truth is that maybe this is the stuff that we live for, those of us who wanted to come here and fight. When we see shit that went horribly bad, people all gored up, we know that we're right where we need to be. It's sick proof that we aren't just jerking our dicks.

Face down in the middle of the road in Baghdad, nothing left of one arm except the bone.

Face down, hands tied behind the back, head severed and blindfolded.

Riddled with shrapnel and bullets. A line of ants already walking into his nose (he fell on an anthill).

After a while, it isn't even all that disturbing. Just strange. Different.

Better you than us.


  1. BigD said...
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    Ky Woman said...
    Reality of current conditions is just that. The reality of where you are, and why we are there.

    Coming home will bring another reality. Strange maybe, but most definitely different...

    Stay Safe!
    BigD said...
    Hi Suspect,
    Here I was worrying about you and you were doing laundry and cleaning up your hooch. Based on what I have read about your area, I guess it might have taken you five days to do that. Why did your buddy feel the need to share that with you? I guess it is just human nature to want to see "the accident" and be able to tell everyone about it. It's just that combat zone "accidents" are a lot more gross and awful. Don't let the indifference fool you, that is just your brain's way of turning off the pain! I wish you never had to see things like that ever. I guess you felt a little bit of the helpless feeling that we feel when your buddy showed up in your room with those pictures. While we are at home doing all the stupid and mundane stuff we do, you are over in Iraq dealing with some horrible shit. Let's see,I wake up. Ok, I guess I will pay some bills, do laundry, check Suspect's blog...."Oh...wow, that is some horrible shit!" (Gulp) I know I can't make it all better, but, that won't stop me from trying. Take good care of you!
    P.S. - Is this the end of tower guard stories? What now?
    Janet said...
    All I ever hear about is the death or injuries or... for fucks sake oil. Interesting to see something a lil more personal.
    membrain said...
    Short timing really sucks don't it.
    Red said...
    Youch. Better them than you indeed. I guess it's all what you get used to.
    Jean said...
    And the music that's playing while I read this post?... Louis Armstrong, "What a Wonderful World". oh yeah.
    Aprillini said...
    Right on, dude, but might explain the need for medication to deal. Holy crap.
    Anonymous said...
    It is crazy this is happening. I have to believe that others don't really hate us, that the world is a good place, because if I don't believe this, reality falls apart. I want to believe that the people that cause the killing ( on both sides ) are the extreme pyschopathic edge of the curve, and everyone else is just caught up in it. I want to believe that the woman who was used as a bomb was coerced, that maybe she believed that if she paid this price someone would take care of her family. Or that she had no choice. Or that she had no reason to live anyway. That her attempting to kill others would help ensure the survival of those she wanted to protect. I want to believe that there are just as few really bad people as there are saints, with all the rest of us mixed up in the middle.
    Iraq had a democracy once. Eisenhower and Churchill pulled the plug on it when they started nationalizing the oil companies. It's a lot easier to tear down than to build.
    At least you got your laundry done. Having clean laundry makes one small corner of the world better. And blogging, that helps too. Stay ok, please.
    livingladolcevita said...
    Hey...hectic. A question. Does the army restrict or censor your blogging. I can't imagine Dubaya's propaganda machine must like this much?
    themorethingschange... said...
    I have no words.

    Anonymous said...
    Real. Descriptive. Wow.
    Anonymous said...
    It's all good. I mean, really, thanks for handling this stuff for the rest of us.

    I know you get this real nasty, twisted sense of humor. It'a coping mech. It's cool.

    BTW: Better them than us. Better you than me.

    Cold, but real.

    Thanks for your service.
    Eclectic Dilettante said...
    Thanks for doing what you do and telling us about it.
    BrianFH said...
    Her motivation? Maybe a desire to feel a split second of exaltation? Charismatic button-pushing can switch on circuits and lock them down, so there's no independent way to turn them off. And the local inspirational memes are like programming waiting to be exploited that way.

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