I went back and started reading some of the original posts on the old site. Who wrote that? Not me. Young and dumb, the enthusiasm dripping off of the page almost makes me nauseous. Guess you gotta touch the stove to know for sure.

All's the same. Same as it ever was. Griiiiiiiiiiiind.

Couple of days and things are going to get really monotonous for me, but don't let me ruin that surprise just yet. Looks like everything is going to come full circle. I started this deployment doing FOB details, I just may be finishing it that way too.

Sounds great to me.

There's a life sized dummy wearing a pair of my jeans and one of my PT shoes stuffed into a footlocker in front of my bed, with just the one leg hanging out. Freaks me out every morning, but it was too twisted and funny not to do it. That was after I threw it at an unsuspecting interpreter while screaming like an idiot. Scared the shit out of the poor guy.

Then we left the dummy in different guys' beds. Told them some new guy was sleeping in their bed. Good fun.

A deployment has gone on way too long when you get more joy out of chokeslamming a dummy across the tent than you do anything else. We're all on the verge of going for each other's throats some of the time. Other times we're just fine. It's just time to go. Forget this whole thing.

You get Part 2 of the April Fool's bit as soon as it's safe to divulge it. All I'm waiting on is for a certain someone to get royally pissed at me.

This person just might be madder than SHIT. I'm excited.



That's what an impacting mortar round sounds like. With those occasional rocket attacks we've been taking (I've always been outside the wire when it happened), who knows what to think when I heard it just after hitting the POST button.

I walked outside where some of my friends were smoking.

"Sound like incoming to you?" I asked.

"Haha, yeah we were just talking about that. But we didn't feel any vibration or anything, so who knows, maybe it was outgoing, short round or something."

"Yeah," I concurred. Profound.

I'm not even going to offer an opinion or what I think about this whole ordeal and what it's about. Doesn't change a thing. I'll just keep my eyes peeled for a little while longer and after that, it's all just filler in history books to me.

No one can make sense of this. There's way too many different angles to look at, different stories, different pieces of a puzzle. Catastrophuck, that's it.

Now will my unsuspecting victim PLEASE hurry up and deliver unto me their gallon of indignant anger so I can brag about what a bastard I am?


  1. Red said...
    *waits eagerly*
    Arli said...
    You tease!
    Dan said...
    I like it!
    Anonymous said...
    Be careful, or you'll be like your mother. Great planning, fantastic execution, except for the snickering, tee-heeing, which always, inevitably, gives it away...

    I can't wait.
    Anonymous said...

    You have to let me know when it happens. I am dying for a recap on all the horrified action!

    Anonymous said...
    Flight of the Valkyries....remember that? you ended it with "And so began the mission. And it was productive."

    Did you ever give it up? I don't think so. Couldn't you do that please? We begged you. Pathetic dorks that we are.
    Your faithful blonde reader.
    a mom said...
    ..googling war blogs... cause that's what mom's do when part of their hearts are in Iraq... thankfully my son was ransfered from a hell hole FOB to a pretty nice one... as far as Fob's go.
    I went to a funeral last night for a fallen soldier... All I can say is we want you home....

    Keep your head down, body armor on... and never buy food from the side of the road!
    Earl said...
    What size motar and rockets are they sending your way? Just wondered, we saw way too much ammunition of all kinds when we visited in '91.
    Anonymous said...
    You're awsome. Keep it up...we're waiting...I ticked off the entire tap room on April fools! Man old men are dumb...no offense to anyone....take care. Aunt Deb
    Anonymous said...
    This one was a little easier to read :)
    Take care
    4/2 mom
    themorethingschange... said...

    That's what an impacting mortar round sounds like."

    Reminds me of a story (one of the VERY FEW) my dad told, about giving a new guy his orientation on the dirt under a table in Na Trang.

    Three cheers for catastrophuck ... a magnitude greater than the cluster fuck!

    Anonymous said...
    I guess everyones' got to have a hobby . . .
    membrain said...
    I'm with Dan. Catastrofuck works for me. I hope you do end your tour on FOB details.
    Anonymous said...
    google alert just picked you up at a site called "Asylum for all Mankind"

    byw, whats FOB details?
    Vixen said...
    Aren't you too old to be playing with dummies? Just kiddin', whatever keeps you sane. It's my birthday today, I'll drink a couple of rounds for you!
    David M said...
    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post - From the Front: 04/06/2008 - News and Personal dispatches from the front lines.

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