In The Company Of Those Who Rock/Shameless Endorsements

You can find any obscure movie or album in this city. There are specialty shops for everything. But nowhere will you find a copy of any of the American Pie movies. Except for The Naked Mile, which hardly counts.

Amidst the crowd, I wandered down the streets, from shop to shop, entering anything that had a sign reading DVD. You can find movies about 50 Foot Tall Women, any cult classic movie. Shops dedicated to horror flicks. It's awesome, you just can't find a good, common movie. It has to be a rare gem to be discovered here.

One building had a genre of music/music DVDs per floor. Progressive rock, heavy metal, punk, indie, and so on. As I climbed the stairs, I saw pictures of famous musicians on the walls. The pictures were taken in this store. The first one I recognized was Kirk Fucking Hammett of Metallica, pausing his perusal long enough to pose for a picture. Next is Lars Ulrich with his wife, and then Rob Trujillo. The only member that wasn't present was James Hetfield. As I climbed, I checked out all the pictures, thinking about how cool that was that all these dudes stopped in this store.

Then again, when you're out walking, you'll see Tommy Lee Jones on coffee vending machines. Boss is the brand. His facial expression looks like he was somewhat confused, listening very intently to an interpreter or something. A picture like that would have been scrapped in the states, but here, that's prime modeling at its best.

Cameron Diaz hawks cell phones for a company called SoftBank. Watch "Lost In Translation" and tell me that Anna Faris' character is NOT a total parody of that woman. I'll tell you that you're wrong.

Hillary Duff is selling cameras or something, and dancing with Mickey Mouse. It plays on giant video screens on gigantic buildings.

Hell, if they want white people to prostitute their image out for the sake of marketing, sign me up. These celebrities don't need to make an extra stop here, I'll take that bullet. Pay ME millions to have a deer in the headlight expression while I hold some tea or a PSP. I'm not too proud.

Off to Shibuya for more exploration, more immersion into the crowds, bombardment of the senses. I live for this.

Sure beats Iraq.


  1. Anonymous said...
    So what product would you sell? Condoms? HA!! No wait- DRIVING SCHOOL! "The Suspect Driving School: You'll never be stuck in traffic again!" What a hoot...

    ...by the way, just wanted to remark, this is exactly how Hemingway felt about Spain. Thanks for letting us in on your world.

    Aunt Sandy
    themorethingschange... said...
    Clean and clear, informative and fun...you make us feel like you're chatting to us on the phone...like we're all your best friends...

    whatever will we do when you DROS?!

    Ky Woman said...
    Sooo, ummm, you saying you want to be a rock star?
    Cool!! Can we be your roadies?
    Red said...
    @ Aunt Sandy: LOL!!!! Took the words right out of my mouth...

    Keep us posted, Suspect. We're having almost as much fun reading your posts as you are experiencing them. Ok... maybe not quite that much fun...

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