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I still haven't been smart enough to try to get myself revenue by letting people advertise on this bitchfest of a website, but there's a couple of things I'd like to promote, nay, recommend.

I just found out that one of my reader's son is in my company, and also blogs. And I was pretty shocked when he came back from leave and asked exactly when my dogtags fell in the toilet. So without further babble, please check out ToySoldier's False Motivation, conveniently found in my links. He's good people. And he also spent Christmas day vomiting more violently than most do on their 21st birthday. So in terms of feeling sorry for oneself, that punkass has me beat.

Next up, Doonesbury's "The Sandbox" (excellent collaborative milblog website) has just published the first volume of "The Sandbox" in print. David was cool enough to send me a copy, and there's a lot of good reading in there. I'm HTML retarded, so you may have to employ your google skills, but this one should be very easy to find until I manage to put actual links up.

And hey, while we're on the subject of fucking incredible books about Iraq, there's a shamefully undermarketed book written by Staff Sergeant David Bellavia called "House To House: An Epic Memoir Of War". This is all the description that should be necessary to let you know that you need to read this. You ready?

The book is about his experiences in Fallujah. You know, when Fallujah was the epicenter of chaos, insanity, and gunpowder? The only warning I can give you is that you NEED a lot of spare time with this one, because you aren't putting it down. And you'll finish it within two days, even if you're in Iraq "fighting turrism". I cannot stress enough how badly this book needs to be read. The first chapter chokeslams anything I've ever written, and the rest of the book goes on to firmly ensure that "Black Hawk Down" is left looking like a squirt gun fight.

That aside, play Call Of Duty 4, watch "Weeds", and do me a favor and recon In-N-Out burger because I hear that place is fucking phenomenal.

That's all I got, homies. Peace.

[EDIT: House To House be David Bellavia

The Sandbox!



  1. Anonymous said...
    We ate at In and Out burger a lot when we lived in California. It's great.

    I'll get the books. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Are you in the Doonesbury book?

    Anonymous said...
    The books on Amazon:

    Anonymous said...
    Don't worry I got 3 days 12 hours logged onto Call of Duty 4 online.

    And his book maybe be better than anything you've written SO FAR. You haven't written a book, yet, haha.

    I'm headed to West Texas, ill kill you some deer and send some meat over haha, later.
    Haole Wahine said...
    You're right in recommending HOUSE TO HOUSE (could even be called EYE TO EYE).

    Check out what the infantry was up to in Fallujah. It is a play by play detailed account of the infantry taking it to the "bad guys" up close and personal.

    You do remember it wasn't just the Marines in Fallujah, right !
    jae said...
    Already got the Sandbox. Saving it for Jury Duty the first week of 08. Will probably have it done by Wednesday morning that week....
    themorethingschange... said...
    Thanks for the book tip...reading WHAT WAS ASKED OF US right now, remembering SHOOTER more a personal than battlefield memoir that goes back to Basra in '03 -- as yet unread but waiting in the pile beside my bed, FIASCO --I think some of these books should be required reading for HS seniors...

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