If you wanted to know what Baghdad looks like, watch the movie "Man On Fire". Towards the end, you see the neighborhood that "The Voice" lives in. Take that, and suck all of the color out of it. Keep the extended families living together.

This is an IP acting more or less like a complete weirdo.

Hello, door. Meet boot.

Clearing a room.

Found this while searching a house.


Suspect driving.


  1. Anonymous said...
    These are really cool pics. Thanks for sharing!
    Haole Wahine said...
    F A N T A S T I C ! ! ! !
    Anonymous said...
    Bad ass shit dude. Jackson
    Anonymous said...
    Worth a million words! Thanks!
    4/2 mom
    Anonymous said...
    nice looking bedroom
    Anonymous said...
    I noticed that one of the guys has an old style Kevlar helmet. Looks like the same problem some of our guys with larger heads had. The new advanced combat helmets don't come large enough to fit the melon heads.

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