Guess What?

Limited internet time, busy schedule, and one lazy soldier, albeit safe and sound, in one piece, and full of piss and vinegar. Doing well, doing nothing, doing little things in repetitive Groundhog Day monotonous hamster wheels. Just killing time, like Buzzell said.

Update coming soon. Groovy.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Good news, then. But lazy? um, no :)
    4/2 mom
    Haole Wahine said...
    Nah, you're an original !
    Anonymous said...
    thanks for posting; glad to hear from you. ;)
    Anonymous said...
    hooray! you're still there! thanks for keeping us on our toes over here ;)
    thom paine said...
    Wow! It's great to know you're okay.
    bad net? ..okay. Distracted, sure; occassional cranial-rectal inversion... comes with the job description. Lazy? I can't buy that one. Thanks for getting the job done. "Giv'em Hell!
    Be safe out there.
    Anonymous said...
    We miss talking to you. Safe safe!
    Love you,
    Anonymous said...
    I new here and it has taken me a while to go back and read everything. It's good..I like your style. Keep posting...I'll keep reading.

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