Suspect built the wall.

A rickety temporary haven constructed of selected indifference, disinterest in socialization, and refusal to take part in the situation when not required to. Also used is a bunk bed, two wall lockers, and a camouflaged poncho hung up to segregate him from the rest of the world.

Suspect took a seat from within the comfort of The Wall and began fervently ordering books online, not slowing down as the subtotal climbed past the one hundred dollar mark. He blocked out the sounds of his comrades talking and playing video games and replaced them with noise courtesy of Nine Inch Nails.

Suspect brings The Wall with him when he steps outside to smoke. Leaving open a narrow window for basic communication, he can enjoy vacationing in his head while still being able to provide simple and altogether unsatisfactory answers.

Suspect has the majority of a day off and plans to maximize that. Suspect is behind his wall of comfort and indifference, sitting in a proverbial lounge chair with proverbial blinders and ear plugs. Piss off, world.


  1. Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
    Walls are good for protection, just don't keep EVERYBODY out. Check out Troy State University: you can get your degree through distance ed. while you're over there. www.troy.edu Allan got his Master's distance ed through them. Very military friendly. Dude. You need a hobby that doesn't require you chewing assess...
    Anonymous said...
    Oops.. the last whpost was from me, not some anonymous whacko. Sorry!
    Aunt Sandy
    Anonymous said...
    Find peace, suspect. Anywhere, any way you can.
    Jenni said...
    now you know why i've never complained about wearing hearing aides :P

    one day at a time doughboy...we're not going anywhere, and g-funk will be the exact same as it's always been
    Anonymous said...
    hell, i'm not in iraq and i like my walls and my tunes

    Anonymous said...
    I feel you. Currently, I am into Soulfly and Static-X as my NIN songs are kinda low.

    Be glad though. At least your net works, you have a window, and showers.



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