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Today is an off day for me. Thank God.

I've been back into the fray again, the little toe owwie and the percocet naps are long gone and its the same old song and dance it was before. I've blown up walls with high explosives (and yep, kept the detonator as a souvenir), and had the joy of going on super-sneaky missions. I always like it more when they don't even know I'm there, watching them.

But no, today is an off day. And what is there to do on off days? I don't even know or care where the mythical swimming pool is, the PX has nothing to offer, the rec centers really aren't interesting, and the only reading to be found is in Maxim and horse-shit spy/detective or romance novels. The low mental standard remains unchanged.

So today, I'm hunting. Going from article to article online. Sucking wikipedia dry, because I'm starving for brain food.

Now, I normally don't like copy and paste blogging, it really gets on my nerves, but here's something I found very pertinent to what I think.


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The truth is this: Americans are brainwashed

It's not that Americans hate the truth--though too few bother to seek it, even though about two-thirds of Americans have Internet access, the primary (non-Bible) instrument for truth seeking. It's that most Americans, as they have not trained themselves to resist, to turn-off, to wear the proverbial "b-s detector", have been driven to a state of total apathy or complete cognitive dissonance, the forerunner to brainwashing. Combine that with the fact that most Americans see themselves as part of some collective (and have the "us" vs. "them" mentality leaders like Bush can exploit), and you have a nation where people aren't stupid, but for the most part are brainwashed.

"Americans are brainwashed," you say?

"Yes," I answer, and here's the proof: fully 70% of the American people believed, prior to Iraq War II, that Saddam was responsible for 9-11.

Now, Bush and company NEVER claimed that Saddam was responsible for 9-11. After 9-11, the US invaded Afghanistan with the precise mission of finding and capturing Osama bin Laden, whose al-Qaida WAS responsible for 9-11, and getting rid of the Taliban government which supported bin Laden. That alone proves Bush and Co. believed bin Laden caused 9-11.

Thus, the American people, aided and abetted by the lying media, must have come to believe that (once the Afghan adventure was "over"--yet it isn't over, in fact) Saddam had something to do with Sept. 11, 2001. Remember, Bush and Co. never claimed Iraq had anything to do with it. So, here's where the lying media comes in: insinuate, insinuate, insinuate.

The media is a culprit, but so is the collectivist mindset of Americans. I offer the following as proof:

1. Amercians are like everyone else, particlularly, everyone else who has ever lived in an empire: they want their "national greatness" to last, and, to prop it up, become jingoist or ultra nationalistic. Sometimes this merely leads to insularity and feeling everyone else is inferior (for instance, the Brits felt this way during the Victorian age, or the French during their empire, which crashed and burned in the likes of Algeria, 1962), but sometimes this leads to fascism/nazism/Stalinism. To the degree that dissent is allowed by the general public will show whether or not the US becomes more like Britain or more like Hitler's Germany. But the fact is this, that most Americans do not want to hear that their country has done wrong. America is, after all, the only thing many Americans still have in which to be proud. When you know your living standard is in decline; when you don't know if you'll have a job next month; when your town is dying; when the only hope many American youth have for a bright future is in joining the military, law enforcement, or becomein a faceless bureaucrat; and when you contantly live in one state of fear or another, who can blame folks for wanting an antiwar commencement speaker off the stage?

2. Americans simply won't travel abroad anymore. But, what with anti-Americanism so high abroad, who can blame them? What American really wants to go to a third-world country and be kidnapped for ransom, or go to Europe, with its self-righteousness--as if they never traveled the road the US travels now-- or even to Canada, which was called "America Junior" on The Simpsons, but could more rightfully be called "America wanna-be", which, if folks like Eric Margolis represent Canadian public opinion, makes Canada even more self-righteous than Europe, but without imperialist intentions (because Canada---good for them--doesn't have what it takes to be an empire).
3. Most Americans are tired of wanton legal and illegal immigration. This is always the case in nations that are empire but really deep down inside don't want to be empires OR are waning or has-been empires (there is some case to say that the US is already a waning empire, or in the last stages of empire). But, though most Americans want staunch curbs on immigration, their elected (and unelected) rulers simply don't listen. And is anyone really dumb enough to think the reason Dubya Bush is so hell-bent on illegal immigration from Latin America is because he really sees these folks voting Republican in the not too distant future?

4. Americans are not "stupider" than Europeans or Canadians or anyone else. Our technology proves it--even if you grant the fact that much of Americas technology now was created by non-natives, but even more so our entreprenuership, much of which is native. So why does it appear to outsiders that Americans are stupid?

First of all, though few Americans will admit it, most Americans believe what the media tells them (ie. Americans are brainwashed), and the media post-911 is not about to tell us the truth, which for now must be ferreted out over the Internet.

Second of all--and this is the case because most Americans are still educated in public schools--most Americans are either ignorant of or deliberately dumbed-down in the subjects that Americans must learn if they are to be bequeathed an empire, history and its sister, geography. This goes beyond the fact that geography bees tend to be won by homeschoolers. When less than 30% of public schooled students can't find Iraq on a map, and when so many fewer than that know that places like Iraq have never been totally conquered by imperialist powers, that can be put down to just how ignorant (not stupid) Americans are when it comes to history and geography.

Third of all, except for our Civil War/War between the States/War of Northern Agression or whatever you want to call it, Americans have never had war on their soil. We simply don't know what it's like, so who can blame us for being ignorant of the costs of war? Europeans can gloat all they want that they are too smart or too self-righteous that they want no part of US Imperialism--I'd rather never have had to live through the series of wars they'd had to put up with, starting with the Thirty Years War in the 1600s.
Finally, it just so happened that America is an empire precisely at that point in history that a media hell bent on brainwashing its people can do it so well. I have stated many times in various columns that the present-day ability to brainwash the public was not begun in Hitler's Germany but on the eve of World War One by President Wilson's propaganda department, aided and abetted by behavioral psychologists and good ol' American advertizing know-how. That is, the notion of brainwashing came from the US before the 1920s. So, I have been right all along in blaming the media for American "stupidity".


  1. Anonymous said...
    Right on!!! Critical thinking,a broad range of print sources,a good sense of history,debate are what we need..and a media Who can keep us informed...such as Public Radio/TV (which will not be been cowed). Thankfully our military speaks. We need light, not darkness, and an engaged people. Thanks for good insight!
    Anonymous said...
    ...and take care, as always.
    4/2 mom
    Jessie said...
    I can agree with that, wholeheartedly. Because, you know that I use my bullshit detector on a daily basis, followed with intuition. Or maybe that's coupled with. Either way, it's the reason I don't watch the media, or read it, believing everything that's said. I read a range of things, and then pick out the truth from that. The common threads combined with my reading skills. The kid that was mauled to death by a Rott the other day. Even I saw the mile wide holes in that story.

    I'm from the south, I know all about rewriting history to fit what you want it to say. Try taking Georgia history in middle school. *shakes head*

    Mostly I just think our country's been a dumbass, for not learning all the lessons of the past. Pretending it couldn't happen to us. Every empire falls, and usually from arrogance.

    Oops, that was Earth logic. Need to get rid of that.

    Oh, and hey! Don't go knocking the romance novels, darn it. *grumbles* Favorite genre gets no love, I swear. Any genre that gets me Betsy, Queen of the Vamps, with an added bonus of Buffy-speak is totally a winner.
    Jessie said...
    GIVES me, not gets me. Heck if I know what gets me means...other than I need a beta to even talk online.

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