"All that I wanted are things I had before.
All that I needed, I never needed more.
All of my questions are answers to my sins.
All of my endings are waiting to begin."


  1. Anonymous said...
    Are you ok?
    Jessie said...
    *blinks* Sweets? Either you're in a weird, mental mood...which is unsurprising, or something's up. Wanna pint of cookie dough ice cream?
    Anonymous said...
    I can see the percocets are working quite well! I'll bet you're a real hoot right now...

    Aunt Sandy
    Anonymous said...
    and you will return back to these reflections waiting for you. Put in the time, do very carefully what you must, take yourself home to your people. Your life there waits for you while you are taking care of business. Thankful for all self-reflective soldiers.
    4/2 mom
    Anonymous said...
    Slipknot! Cory and I just finished a few rounds of "Name that Tune". Nice to know I can still call 'em once in a while.

    I like your choice of music.

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