Aim High

Sometimes it's a little too boring around here for my tastes. And I really don't get in enough trouble to be honest. What the hell, right? Life is short and someday I might be an old fart and people might think that there's actually a minute chance that I'll act like a respectable adult. So with the help of an outside "arms dealer" or sorts, I took matters into my own hands.

With a knife I tore the boxes open and rifled through all the goodies, found the letter and read it, set it aside to respond to in the future. Pulled out the magazines and happily added them to the pile to read when I have nothing to do. Then out came the good stuff. Four water balloon slingshots and an ungodly amount of "ammunition".

Rallying a group of friends, we picked a position and then grabbed one of our forward observers. He set up behind concealment with his binoculars while we filled balloons up. Once ready, we made the final preparations.

"Ok, you, move up two steps. Hold it higher. Yeah, right there. Ok, gimme one."

"Pull back further, like one more step, now down. That's good."


We watch it arc out of view.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Left a little!"

"Roger. Gimme another."





"Suspect, your 'gun' is ON! The other one needs to adjust right and a little higher."

"We're using three, dude."

Once we were laid in, I had to pick the pace up. I was the only actual mortarman out there, and these guys apparently didn't know a damn thing about fire for effect.




Fifty balloons later...

"Rounds complete!"

"Let's go get more."

Wonderful, I know. And since you'd probably like to know what we were shooting at, I guess I can give you a hint. The Air Force's living area. Yes, I am aware that I am a little bastard. You may applaud my excellency now.


  1. Anonymous said...
    That's more action that most AF guys ever see. Thanks for taking care of the junior service. Making them feel loved and all.
    Anonymous said...
    You know why the AF motto is Aim High? They can't properly zero their weapons. Take care, Infantry dude.

    Jessie said...
    *giggles* Perhaps I'll have something left to say after I stop laughing. Probably because I'm picturing you like my 17-year-old brother. Oh, god. *laughs more* So, their living space got a free washing. They should be thanking you!
    julie anna said...
    I applaud your excellency!! That is so funny. Did they think the sky was falling?
    Anonymous said...
    LOL, dude that's amazing. I gotta find something out here that could entertain you, a super soaker perhaps?
    Tarina said...
    That just made my day. I do troop transport and one of the last flights I did involved bringing over Air Force for a 45 day stint in Iraq. Those boys probably needed some shaking up! Hell, they probably didn't even know what hit them.

    Give em hell! Hee!
    Mink said...
    That's awesome, man.
    Mind if I add you to my blogroll?
    Anonymous said...
    why you gotta pick on the brothers? me and u need to have a talk when you get back.

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