Where Are We From Again?

Distant small arms fire, the occasional explosion. Just a quick low rumble, and we barely turn our heads, still chilling in Neverland. The one without Michael Jackson.

I heard several blasts, all close together. Short time between each of them. It sounded more like when a garbage truck puts the dumpster back down. A slam down the alley or something. Yeah, well these were really different slams. God knows what happened out there.

And I got my hair cut today. GO me.

I watched Emilio Estevez' new movie "Bobby" about Bobby Kennedy. Amazing movie. Go buy it or rent it or steal it or download it or have a microchip implanted in your brain so you can see it. If you don't, I will personally shin-kick you with all the might of a rugby player.

I started thinking about something that I wonder about once in a while. What does it actually MEAN to be an American? What defines the American spirit? And more importantly, is it even PRESENT in the majority of my generation?

I don't think most of my generation even knows what the hell it means to be an American. I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm in no way preaching or telling you all that this is how it is, its just what I see and percieve, and I easily could be very wrong.

But a lot of what I see? Well let's have it in a nice inarticulate projectile-vomit or a rant, because that REALLY seems more fitting.

I see TRL brainwashed MTV titfed masses of young consumers who open their mouths wide, wide, wider for spoonful after fecal spoonful of fear, which is the most profitable market out there, just ask your news anchors when they get in their cars. Everything is a product. Moral decay? Oh most definitely. I don't care what your religion is, but maybe archaic little things like prayer in school were atleast PARTIALLY a good thing. Where did the discipline go? Why didn't my parents beat my ass like I deserved?

APATHY. Don't give me that whiny "my vote doesn't count" bullshit. Of course YOURS doesn't, when you lie down and call it quits and take it up the ass like the rest of the benchwarming selfish pissants. Survivor is more important than global events. Good news isn't worth the airtime. IS YOUR PENIS TOO SMALL? BUY OUR FUCKING PILLS, YOU MORON!

Are you fat? These pills will fix you. Depressed? Have another skittle, courtesy of your APATHETIC doctor, with carpal tunnel-ridden prescription-filling hands. There's a pill for every problem. These clothes, this car, this house, it will all make you desirable and erase that Daddy Didn't Hug Me anxiety.

Do everything by the numbers, monotonous, droning through life chasing dollar signs and checking your reflection in the mirror as often as possible. DAMN YOU IF YOU'RE UGLY!

Find the easy way out. Don't bother thinking about the meaning behind anything, to hell with the Grand Scheme of Things. Its easier to be an empty shell, because goddammit, American Idol is on! Don't tell me THAT'S the American spirit! Bovine Psuedo-America chewing their cud and adopting the first opinion their favorite talking head spews. Don't tell me its not bad, when there are buzz words for that shit. PUNDIT? I shouldn't even know what a pundit IS.

Are we working and busting our asses to make the US better? Or did the past generations do that for us. Its not "This country can be great, lets do it."

Its "This country is great! Everyone beat it into my head, so I don't have to lift a finger. I can watch other people work, look at my watch, and wait for something else to deliver me from the arduous task of living each day.

What about mom and pop shops? Locally owned and operated? And no, dammit, I'm not talking about fucking FRANCHISES. McDonald's? Christ.

What about taking pride in your work? In the old days, wouldn't blue collar men bust their ass day in day out? Just seems like that old spirit you hear about isn't as present. Don't get me wrong. I know its not gone. It just seems to me like its harder to find.

We're a little low on John Waynes lately. Fresh out of gunslingers. Ironically, in one of the Dark Tower books, its mentioned that JFK was a true "gunslinger" of sorts. Guess this little rant comes full circle huh?

Any maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm still too new at all of this to see it yet. But I'm going to figure it out. I wear the flag on my sleeve, so I should damn sure know what its all really about. I'm gonna figure it out.


  1. Sandy said...
    The fact that you and many of your generation even notice those things speaks volumes in itself. Don't worry about trying to find out what it means- you already know. Just continue to say what you mean, and mean what you say. We still think you rock.
    hooch said...
    "Go buy it or rent it or steal it or download it or have a microchip implanted in your brain so you can see it. If you don't, I will personally shin-kick you with all the might of a rugby player."

    this is the kick ass quote of the day.
    Strykeraunt said...
    Unfortunately, I think you get it more than many in even my generation. I have to admit that I didn't get it as much until I was faced with two nephews deploying to Iraq to fight for my right to continue to live the American way. During that time (and still today) I found myself in total disgust of people who just weren't paying attention. There are way too many people (across multiple generations) who are living in oblivion.

    On a good note, this is one of those life experiences that will make you a better person in the end. I see my nephews are forever changed as a result of their experience. In most cases the change is good (not that they was anything wrong with them before they deployed). I also know that I have a better appreciation of family, and the freedoms and privilege I used to take for granted. Having a family member in a war zone has had that effect on me.
    Anonymous said...
    *sigh* Unfortunately, I couldn't agree more. The vast majority of us, it seems, act like mindless, consuming drones indeed. Spend one day in my Advertising class and you'd think there's nobody left in the world who gives a crap, or who even knows they should.

    Of course, though, there's a select few out there who do get it. even if they don't get it. Get it? Of Course you do ;)

    -miss havi-Sham.

    P.S pop me an email and rant some more, cuz thats one topic i just can't stop b*tching about. Plus, you know how much I enjoy a good rant. :P
    Anonymous said...
    Let's talk about your generation...How about the fact that in spite of all that is going on the military has been exceeding its recruiting quotas. Your generation has spent more time in a combat theater than any soldier did during WW2. You guys are fighting a cowardly enemy that actually DOES want to destroy the United States and all that it stands for. They don't have the heart to fight face to face like WW!, WW2, Korea or Vietnam, they attack innocent women and children and hide behind IED's and sneak attacks. If your generation didn'f fight them there, we would be fighting them here.
    I saw a picture on TV the other day. It was a group of protesters outside the White House holding 'NO WAR!' and 'Bring Our Soldiers Home!' Signs. The date of that picture: June 7, 1944. Every generation has idiots. My generation slurpped on fudgcicles and stared blankly at black and white Flintstones. No one held out much hope for us. We did OK.
    I have seen your generation as new police officers. Young, energetic and hard charging. (in a few years they will be back to eating fudgecicles and staring blankly at color Flintsones, but that it another article) I look at you, your cousin Mike and Jarrod. I look at your other cousins and realize that for the most part, you guys all have a lot on the ball. You have heart. Some may not appear to have much drive, but neither did your parents, grand parents or great grand parents until the need to stand up arose. We Americans are generally apathetic, ambivilant whiners until we get pissed off. Woe be it to anyone that gets in our way once that happens. We are allowed to be that way because people like you and your brothers fought to make this such a great country. We have become somewhat spoiled and lazy at times because we don't have to worry about a government dragging us out our house at night because we said something someone didn't like. we don't have to worry that when we go to the store with there be some foreign nut job in a car full of explosives sitting outside the door. Your generation is putting their lives on the line so we have the luxury of being apathetic. Many countries would love to have a luxury like that. Just know that we old people are pretty proud of our soldiers and we have a lot of faith in this next generation, no matter how wierd they look right now.

    Uncle Dave
    Anonymous said...
    Son, not only are you very bright and thoughtful, you are also extremely articulate. Speak up, and be heard... We are listening intently!

    -Aunt Lynda

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