Vehement Venting

There's no point in bitching to your friends because everyone just wants to one-up each other and piss their self-pity on the rest of the gang, and the whole collective conversation makes for a nice big No One Gives A Shit stew.

So for the next ten minutes, this keyboard and this blog are my personal punching bag.

The AC went out again. Didn't even take five minutes before the whole damn tent turned into an oven. Its cooler out in the sunlight than in there. The mosquitos know no fear around here. I still haven't even left the FOB. I'm like the only one. To everyone else, it seems that I don't do shit. Personally, I'd love that. But alas, my days consist of me being in random motor pools, babysitting a Stryker that has more problems than Lindsay Lohan. For a description of the heat and all that repetitive blabber, refer to the Best Freakin Blogger Ever Award winning post "Ball Sweat".

Today I was on another lame-ass detail. "I have an idea! Take that eleven charlie loser that got screwed into being a driver, and have him babysit Iraqi nationals while they work on the FOB!" We weren't needed, so we were able to split, thank the sweet heavens. The whole purpose for babysitting these guys is to make sure they don't steal anything. That's all I ever hear about, is these people stealing.

"Yeah dude, when we were out the other day, we had to watch the IAs (Iraqi Army dudes), otherwise they steal shit right out of people's houses. We had to pull one off of a civilian, he just started beating the piss out of him."

Wow, lots of hope for this fucking country. Yeah, we're just going to "repair" thousands and thousands of years of ingrained culture. Whenever we DO leave, and the spineless lie-spewing fuckwits at the news stations orally ejaculate cute phrases like "another Vietnam" and allude to our cowardly retreat, this place won't change a bit. What the hell are we even trying to salvage?

If there WERE WMDs, doesn't look like there are any now. Don't tell me its about oil either. You telling me the US doesn't produce enough, along with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia? PLENTY of oil.

Or is it for the benefit of big business? Kellogg, Brown, and Root or whatever the hell KBR is supposed to stand for? I've heard people calling it Keep Bush Rich. Cute.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to whine and cry over here, I just don't see exactly what we're trying to save. "Fight for the people who can't fight for themselves"? Ok, what about all the OTHER countries full of oppressed people? Are we not qualified to provide them aid? No Allen Qaidas?

Circle jerk.


  1. Jenni said...
    You sound as if you were there when Mom, Chris and I were talking yesterday...we're proud of you and then some, but we just want to understand what the point of the whole Iraq war is...Too bad someone can't be like John Travolta in Swordfish. Whatever they do to us, we do to them, ten times worse. If it's about oil, can you just imagine if they would have put all the money used to fund this war towards hybrids and alternative fuel energy? Why are we trying to turn this country into a democracy when they seem to hate everything we stand for?

    Your last post was so good...Rosales would be proud. In fact, I might look up her email address and send it to her, if she doesn't already read this.

    We also talked about the military shutting down myspace, blogs, and youtube...how does that affect you, if at all?

    And I have a question for you...if you had it all to do completely over again, what one thing would you do differently and why?

    You're not missing much here...Dad thinks I threw a big party at his house while Cory and I were house-sitting so I think I'm in trouble...feels like high school all over again!

    And I was talking to Ronda, and she asked where Chris was. I explained to her that Chris is kinda like Ryan, he has to go away for a little while to protect us from the bad guys. First, she said, "There are no bad guys in [our state]!!" And then she said, "I don't like it when Ryan leaves because then I miss him." I think she kinda likes you.

    Stay safe and watch out for those Iraqi kleptos.

    I love you doughboy,
    Anonymous said...
    I think at this point everyone is agreeing with you- to a point. When this started, we all though that as long as you guys take the fight to them, then A)they won't bring the fight to us and B)you can finish the fight so your kids won't have to go back 20 yrs from now & finish the job. Iraq was supposed to be an ally that everybody could focus around & use against Al Qaida. It didn't work. It probably never will work. Then again, where would you rather fight? Over there- or back home? As long as you guys are in Afghanistan & Iraq, then Al Qaida is focused on you there. If you come home, then they'll focus on you here. (Anybody wanna live on Ft.Dix?) Why you're there is no longer relevant. What you're going to face 10 years after you come back home is.
    Anonymous said...
    You are right, and right again. Thankfully we have soldiers who are thinkers and writers...! You all are awesome. There is a face that needs saving...it may be why we are still there. One who needed a bail-out of everything attempted. MANY of us here are doing everything we can to finish this and get you all home asap. Maybe the little kids there see a good thing in soldiers? You have a lot to tell us! THANK YOU!
    4/2 mom
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