Call Girl

Relax, relax, its just another escort joke.

Same deal again, equally if not more awesome today. The dude I rolled out with spoke English REALLY well. Really smart guy, hilarious, and very wise too. As you all can probably guess, it didn't take long for me to start bullshitting with him. Heard stories of him being a guide in the desert, the REAL desert, and teaching a lesson this dude who wouldn't listen to his advice. Best not to describe this guy too much though. Last thing we want is for any of these guys to be targeted just because they're raking in the cheddar helping us out.

My day consisted of cappucino, Burger King, and chilling. I ate lunch with a group of the workers. They laid out a tarp and everyone sat in a circle and munched on The King's finest foodstuffs. It really is a laid back gig.

I also talked to him a little about the situation here, about the cultural differences, the Sunni-Shia deal. He did a pretty good job putting a few things in perspective. Most of these different peoples can get along just fine, they'll sit and have tea and whatnot, and be civil, but they generally won't forge deeper friendships because their ways are so different. Its just how it is. We compared it to America, especially our history. We both agreed that its perfectly ok for these different groups of people to not all be the best of friends. We also agreed that setting off bombs really wasn't a very good way of taking care of problems. Without rambling, let me just say he's a hell of a guy.

Past couple of days its rained with lightning. I don't mind the rain out here at all, its totally kosher with me. Its just when the rain hits all the dirt and turns it into mud. That shit sticks and clings to your boots, and soon you're carrying ten pounds of mud and gravel on your boots. But before it rained, you couldn't even really see the sky. It was like there was a huge orange curtain over the world. Way rad. Then the downpour hits and you're soaked within two minutes.


  1. membrain said...

    "The 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment of the 3rd Stryker Combat Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division,from Fort Lewis, which was previously based in the Bayaa district in southern Baghdad, has also shifted to the region. Task Force 145 - the hunter killer teams assigned to dismantle al Qaeda's leadership and networks - has no doubt been assigned to operate in the region."

    The above is from Bill Roggio and includes video of the Stryker Brigade from Fort Lewis:


    Stay as safe as you can.
    Anonymous said...
    For the latest news on the Strykers

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