Ball Sweat

What to say about this one. Its getting hot, still getting hotter, the same rubber chicken dance over and over again. Repeating myself. Hot. And hot. And hot. Slightly rainy, humid, muggy and hot. Hot and sunny. Hot and boring. Hot and mosquitos. Hot and hot. Hot and the AC went out. Hot and its cooler in the sun than it is inside the Stryker. Hot and its midnight.

Hot and they remind us about OPSEC. Hot and you have to peel your pants off your legs to get intimate with the john. Hot and you cool off by working out in the gym. Hot and the same sweaty faces swim past you on the way to the chow hall. Hot and I still haven't left the wire. Hot and everyone back home is terrified.

Hot but thank you for the copy of Rolling Stone.

Hot and I can't tell you. Hot and do me a favor and don't worry. Hot but don't watch the news or read the paper. Hot, yeah, but please, no more questions that you know I won't want to answer. Hot and come on, no more questions that I CAN'T answer. Hot and I'm addicted to "24". Hot but the AC in this room is so nice that I don't feel like walking back to the tent, but I actually have some off time and I gotta see Jack Bauer kick some more ass.

Hot and fifteen minutes after I shower, my face feels oily again. Hot and god protect innocent bystanders on the distant day where I let my libido and thirst for cheap drinks take over for a night of unwarranted chaos and an all-around breach in personal discipline.

Hot and there's too much I can't say but hopefully you can bear with me anyway and trust me when I say that I'm still doing great thus far. Hot and I'm gonna go have me a Slim Jim or ten.




  1. Strykeraunt said...
    I have seen a couple of those being a soldier in Iraq while hot photos. Most report that they drank more water in Iraq than during any other time in their lives. So sorry to read that the AC is broke...hopefully it will be fixed real soon!
    Anonymous said...
    It's hot. Lots of horse poop to scoop. It's hot. Horses to feed and wash. It's hot, but not as hot as *******.
    Air conditioning, a pool to jump into, and cold beverages a fews steps away....
    Another reason to say thanks and keep on Rollin'!

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