Good god, I've been here for ages. I could almost go stir crazy around here. Sure, there's things to do, sort of, but its not like they interest me much. If I had a place to store it at the moment, I'd buy an accoustic guitar off of one of the local workers here on camp. They haggle, its awesome. Not like in the states where everything is electronically tracked and all prices are set in stone, plus tax, scan coupon here, type in the SKU number when the scanner acts up. No, not in these shops.

Ibanez accoustic six string guitar complete with peripherals: $325

Shop owners offer after I mess around with it for a couple minutes: $250

Price I would snag it for if I had some means of transporting it: $200

Fuck MasterCard. Haggle.

I'll buy a guitar after I'm settled in, over in [OPSEC! HAHAHAHA!!!] Here's what I know so far, which is also tentative in every way imaginable.

We're going to a FOB called [OPSEC] located in [OPSEC], Iraq. We'll probably spend a decent amount of time learning important...stuff...from the boys in [OPSEC]. We leave in [OPSEC OPSEC OPSEC]. We'll probably be gone for atleast fifteen months, like the newspapers say, which is a long time.

I've been hearing rumors, nothing new normally, but different rumors this time, and too many different variations to really believe them in detail, and for now I can't really say anything anyway. And here is where we come to the point of this post.

It just sucks not knowing what the hell is going on. Everyone back home, all the families, you know they're going through it, funny thing is, so are we. The ONLY dependable thing I have on any given day is uncertainty. That's about it. Everything else can change at the drop of a hat. Yeah, it isn't too hard for me to adapt to most situations, but that doesn't make it any less shitty.

I don't know the specifics of where I'm going to live, what kind of conditions, where everything is going to be, what comforts I'll be afforded, what I'll be doing for work, anything. I don't know when I'm going on leave, I don't know when I'm going home, I don't know a damn thing.

Since I've been gone, I've left one or two brief voice messages on my dad's phone just because I said I will, and other than that, email is really the only way I talk to people. Its not that I don't get the opportunity to use the phones, I get plenty. Its that I HATE phones.

"Hey, whats going on?"

"Nothing. You?"

"Uh, yeah nothing I guess, not much. How was your day?"


"Oh...well that's good."

Its just rare that a phone conversation actually takes off and goes somewhere, and even THEN, it in no way, shape, or form compares to actually being AROUND the person you're talking to. You can't hang out over the phone. It doesn't really make things any better, its just...weird. But I probably SHOULD do it for their peace of mind. The other excuse is that I'm on the other side of the planet, and sleep schedules are completely swapped. So that's my excuse for not doing a good job of staying in contact with people. Hell, even online, no one is on messenger the same time I am.

Inside these internet cafes, its crammed full of Joes, almost all of them logged onto myspace. Hey, it works. Keeps you in touch with people. Can get you in trouble too, but such is the nature of the beast. I never go to the USO. They have carpet, so you have to take your boots off. My feet sweat a bit and doesn't take too long before my socks smell like a bucket of rancid ass, so I do humanity a favor and leave them on throughout the course of a day.

I don't go to the MWR tent to watch movies because one: I don't remember exactly where it is, and two: I don't really care enough to take the time to get there. So I pretty much just chill. I eat, check my email, maybe buy something from one of the PXs, and hang out in our bigass tent. About fifty or so guys in each tent, to throw a random guess out there.

I decided the hell with even TRYING to follow the news. All it does is piss me off. Too much killing, all for reasons I couldn't give two shits about. You won't ever see me killing in the name of any god. A god should be able to handle that themselves. Not going to kill someone for being different than me. But I've said enough already, one little rant isn't going to change thousands of minds. Its all just part of this horridly fucked little world of ours, and this side of it apparently has its share of up-fuckage. I'm just here to do my job. I'll be an idealist in my off time.

Not totally sure what my job is though. Right now, I guess its just sitting around, Ku-Waiting while one part of the world tears itself apart, and we're about to be sucked into it. Let it come.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    hey dude, this is your cousin Jarod. I wanna send you a care package, tell me where to send it to. Try contacting me on myspace.


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