De-Loused In The Purgatorium

The sun can burn pretty bright, even through veils of dust in the air. That's right, its pretty hot here on Tattooine. Drink lots of water, that's the idea round here. Flies love to attack you. Three hundred and sixty degrees of seas of nothing but sand. You can see forever. And you come to find that forever is pretty much where blank sky meets the abyss of sand.

Doesn't matter how often you blow your nose. You get those big ol' black dirt n dust boogers. The poetry inside the porta johns is inspiring, though the use of the F word isn't quite up to the level that amazes me. Lots of Chuck Norris worship. The cult is spreading throughout the army I guess.

Those of us in the know spread the blissful knowledge of the existence of the holy book, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max.

This is the cradle of civilization?


  1. Anonymous said...
    If any of your buds want care packages while deployed, have them sign up at anysoldier.com

    Many Americans care about you and are praying for your success and safety.
    BoxingNun said...
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    Jenni said...
    i still can't wrap my mind around the fact you're in...you know where. (almost forgot, but you're relentless reminders about "anonymity" and "OPSEC" must have worked) ;) let me know if you need anything, and hope you have a happy easter. i heart you doughboy :)
    julie anna said...
    And so it begins.

    You guys are in our thoughts back here at home. How can it not be? It's so noticeably empty around here. Alot of Mothers are celebrating Easter with just thier kids today, and the PX actually has an echo from the stillness!

    Your fans will wait patiently for your updates.
    Anonymous said...
    Awww...and already, there's a little something missing around here. Send Chad and I an email when you can, and let us know what the hizzell is going on out there.
    loves, Sham'n'Chadders
    (p.s...don't get too much sand in your arse, I've heard it chafes.)
    hooch said...
    holly s**t....be safe man...if you need anything just ask.
    julie anna said...
    Guess what?

    Both our blogs were featured in an article from this weeks edition of The Ranger newspaper. It was about Military blogs. They even quoted some of your writing :)

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