See And Hear

This is a clip sent to me by Membrain. Interesting.

Wow, isn't that neato? Guess that's what we missed when we were parking our big green monsters and filling out tons of paperwork. Couple more questions.

Q: Who the hell ever made the decision to put velcro all over these new uniforms?
A: HAHAHAHAHAHA, I have no idea, but I agree, its stupid. Granted it IS more convenient than those old pain in the ass buttons, but velcro isn't the most tactical sound. We need silent velcro, like in the film Garden State. And yeah, its always awesome when you pull your uniforms out of the dryer, and its nothing but one big ball of ACU patterned cloth velcroed together from every angle. I like to think of it as a uniform of transition.

Q: Have any other family members served in the military? Or are you the maverick?
A: Not in my immediate family, but I have plenty of aunts and uncles and beyond that have done their time. I should hunt them down (not that they'd mind) and pick their brains about some of their experiences too.

Now, HERE is how you voice an opinion. Without bias or political alignment.

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  1. jentard said...
    Don't forget about Grandpa being in the Army...he asks about you everytime I see you; he's pretty proud.

    Ain't that precious ;)


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