I moved from chair to chair in the waiting room of some random nowhere building at Old Madigan, some World War II era medical facility.


I slide over into the next chair. I have to get another anthrax shot. Another syringe full of god knows what pumping some biohazard cocktail into my government property body. Eventually. Joes carry on their normal conversations, about anything, everything, about who cares what. Slide into another chair.

This same experience over and over again, with an only slightly varying end. Lines. Waiting. Some process we don't fully understand. Or care about. The line moves slowly, and soon enough more toxic bile is being spewed into my bloodstream. My dear god, we're getting deployed.

Duh. Careful what you wish for. Now suck it up.


  1. Ant Sandy & Unc Al said...
    Don't get serious yet. Save that for the long-ass plane ride! Are you gonna give us an address so we can send cookies or are we going to have to send them to "anonymous soldier" so some overweight sergeant can eat them? CALL US!
    hooch said...
    It seems like just yesterday we were all so concentrated on getting out of 1/329th. We sent a company to africa and my name was on the list of mortar guys to support them but they ended up taking us off the deployment with the bravos...that was a real gut check. Must be crazy for you right now....if you need anything at all just ask man.
    membrain said...
    Thanks so much for doing what you're doing and going where you're going so that others back home can be free.
    strykeraunt said...
    Remember that there is still a large group of people who really do support you all. We will continue follow your progress and pray for your safe return.

    Thank you for your sacrifice. Please Take care and stay safe.
    julie anna said...
    Hope all is well on your side of the post. You guys will be in my prayers. Stay safe!

    Hello to your Aunt Sandy. She left a nice message on my site :)

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