I Love You, YouTube

Remember the protesters at the port? I guess its still going on. Here's a few videos for you. Its messed up, but I laughed at a few parts. Ever notice how even pacifists have to have some kind of enemy? Funny how that works.

Plus, you'd think they'd be able to find a better way. This obviously didn't work out for them. Why the fuck would you antagonize tired, annoyed armed riot police, who are watching over a fuckton of Strykers and equipment or whatever? And then act surprised when they use force? Congratulations, you're making asses out of yourself. Gathering together and being loud isn't going to stop the war. Some people will agree with you, and probably eat tofu and do pilates and read Nietsche to each other, others will find you incredibly annoying, and others still just won't care. I used to love the show COPS. You always knew what team to bet on.

Please, someone stick a sock in this loud judgmental self righteous bitch's mouth. You'll know who I'm talking about. They claim to be protesting the war, but all they're doing is mouthing off to the riot police. How stupid do you get? Let me start slapping a pit bull around for a while and see what happens. Then I'll call it an atrocity when he locks his jaws on my scrawny arm.

Five and a half minutes into it, listen to that girl scream. They just want someone to rebel against. And they have horrible singing voices too. Six minutes, thirty five seconds: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Ok, so we didnt see any barricades thrown supposedly right? I still have no sympathy for them. Like I always preach, if they aren't going to take it somewhere where they can actually accomplish something, they need to stay in their coffee shops and keep their pseudo-intellectual opinions to themselves.

SURPRISE: YOUR MORONIC ASSES WON'T STOP WAR. And that's what makes me so livid. Not only do you fail miserably at what you claim to try to do, but you make such asses out of yourselves, you make the whole cause of peace look bad.

So all WE are saying, is shut the fuck up. Suck on that teargas until you learn your lesson. Rough shit isn't it? We were gassed in an enclosed space though.

420 protesters think The Usual Suspect is an insensitive asshole.


  1. Anonymous said...
    GREAT POST ... My sentiments exactly!!

    3/2 Mom
    ArmymomBAS said...
    Another 3/2 Mom here ... just been introduced to your blog, and you can count me among your ardent fans. Even though I am a bone fide tofu-eating, one-time-Pilates-attempting (I guarantee you are in way better shape than I am!), dirt-loving, tree-hugging liberal ... I know this war is NOT THE SOLDIERS' FAULT! Sheesh, I thought this country learned something from Vietnam and the disrespectful treatment of the soldiers involved in that conflict ... but apparently not.

    A refresher for any of you protesters who might read this blog. The soldier goes where he/she is ordered to go ... the only people who can change that are the PEOPLE. So get informed, write Congress, write your State legislature, and every single time there is any election ... get out and VOTE! Drag any lazy-ass, apathetic friends with you too.
    GI Kate said...
    i eat tofu and do pilates...and im in the army. say something! <3

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