Bud Light and Ibuprofen

No, its not a hangover cure, kids. I didn't buy much beer yesterdat, and I drank even less, so I've got a couple to chill with. The Ibuprofen is the best I've got for my wussiness.

I'm sore from the usual PT crap. I woke up this morning and had this massive pain in my armpit. Felt like a torn muscle or something. That's what I was worried about anyway. After a trip to Madigan and a nice long wait, 30 seconds of examination revealed that my vaccinations gave me a slight fever, and a very swollen and pissed off lymph node. They offered me Motrin. Thanks but no thanks. SweetTarts are more effective.

No Knock Me On My Ass and Put Me In A Pleasant Zombie State pills for me, and I'm not going to go bum some off of any friends, for fear of getting neck deep in shit. So its a couple Bud Lights and an Ibuprofen, Rainbow Six Vegas and an early night for me. I'm also in the doghouse for not wanting to go out drinking tonight. Kiss my disease-ridden ass, I'm a stubborn little baby. Go watch Borat.


  1. Anonymous said...
    rented it today, in fact. Will proceed to watching later tonight ^^

    -Sh to the Izzam
    jentard said...
    "Very nice...how much?"
    Anonymous said...
    I just wanted to tell you that after reading your blogs I feel that you are an amazing writer and should continue to do so. We "civilians", the "normal people" need to hear this and the manner you have written in does more than tell me a story! Kudo!

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