Afterthought For The Protesters

Like I said, its great that you're doing what you believe in, and I'll keep this one brief.

Let me just say, use your head. Its already been established that we don't make these decisions. We carry them out, its our job. I've been reading what the protesters have been writing, and for the most part, I am completely happy to leave them alone to their views. But locking hands and blocking roads? Come on.

You don't want us to be at war? Surprise, sur-motherfucking-prise: neither do I. But its way too damn late to shit a brick about it now. We're committed, and fit has hit the shan in a series of big runny fecal fastballs for four years now. We shouldn't be there? Doesn't matter now, we ARE there.

You stop vehicles from being shipped, equipment from going where it needs to, or soldiers from stepping onto the ground to help their comrades out, and you are fucking the troops over. What is that going to achieve? The boys and girls in the White House aren't the only ones who should be rethinking their strategy. If you REALLY want to change things, you've got to figure this all out and take action that WILL benefit everyone. Right now, all you're getting is a little attention and maybe some small feeling deep inside you that you achieved something.

Yeah man, you really stuck it to the man. You showed the world. These are your days all right, you grabbed life by the balls with your sign in the other hand. You clenched your teeth and shook your fist and let the heavens know exactly what you feel deep inside you. But nothing came of it.

I'm not saying don't stand up for what you believe in, God no. But in some cases, it does seem like a portion of the anti-war crowd really loves hearing about more dead and wounded soldiers, just because it makes the President of the US of A look bad. Let me tack a nice bland understatement on that: That....is....stupid.

So please, go through the right channels, don't try to screw us over. Believe it or not, we ARE here for all of you.


  1. strykeraunt said...
    Just started visiting your site a few days ago after a 3/2 mom told me about it. This post and the one below is dead on. You wrote exactly what I have been thinking for years. Everytime I see a picture of the protests while the strykers are being loaded, I am always impressed by the soldiers who simply move forward to complete the mission while the protesters prove to the world that they are complete idiots.

    For the most part, those who were there last night are the same small group out of Olympia (mostly Evergreen students) who would be blocking traffic protesting something else if there was not a war going on right now.

    I always get a little chuckle when they tell members of a stryker brigade to refuse to go to war because you don't have proper equipment or body armor. Each time I hear this it reinforces my opinion that they don't even have an understanding about who you are. While I definitely appreciate your posts, it is doubtful they will get what you said.

    Thank you for your service anonymous soldier. You all will continue to remain in my thoughts and prayers.
    membrain said...
    Very well said. I saw some video of the protesters courtesy of Michell Malkin, which you can watch by pasting the following in your browser:


    Also a Stryker Soldier's mother wrote the following to Malkin:

    "My son was one of the Stryker soldiers who was moving the equipment to the port that night.
    These people are protesting the shipment of Strykers. Strykers are what keep our infantry men alive in Iraq. They are agile, strong, and the newest ones have very accurate fire power. Once again the moonbats say the support our troops, but not the war. They show it by insulting the troops' intelligence, calling their NCO's names, and telling them that they will die for nothing. Nice. I, personally like to tell my son that he will come home alive and we will be reunited. These protesters sounded more like spoiled, self centered, obnoxious brats to me. Yet, at the end of the line there stands our troops. They are carrying the weight of the free world on their shoulders and they get to hear this mindless drivel before they deploy.

    The last big protest was at the Port of Olympia last year. The moonbats did damage to a fence around a yard that protects military equipment. The Strykers they were protesting that day were Strykers that were equipped with medical intervention equipment. The protesters were marching against medical supplies that our soldiers need desperately, and once again the very equipment that keeps our soldiers alive. It seems that there are two populations of people who hate Strykers... moonbats and insurgents.

    Thanks for posting the video. It is good for people to see the truth and to know that these "peace demonstrators" are really hateful in their presentation."

    I wish you and your troop mates the very best.
    Anonymous said...
    Good Morning Suspect! I hope to see you when you get home at the end of the month. Just a note though about relatives serving, you forgot your poor dear cousin Mike who is slogging through the freezing mud with the 1/15th FA 2ID in Camp Hovey Korea.
    Uncle Dave

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