You Have Questions, I Have Half Assed Answers

Here's a few softballs lobbed your way:

Name three bands you would like to see live.

Tool, Slipknot (a trip to the ICU afterwards I'm sure), maybe A Perfect Circle again, otherwise Radiohead, Staind, or The Mars Volta (again).

-Where do you see yourself in 10yrs?

Hopefully working in the film industry, on projects that I can be proud of, not brainless movies or shampoo commercials. If not that, who knows, maybe even the medical field. Crossed my mind a time or two.

-What state or part of the country that you haven't seen yet peaks your interest?

Las Vegas. We might be scratching that off of our list soon though ;)

-Why is the driver compartment of one Styker vehicle smaller than the other?

I don't really know anything about that one, and my gut tells me that this question is best left alone, what with the OPSEC factor. I think Strykers are still kind of hush hush but I'm not sure. Either way, I try not to talk about the innerworkings of it for two reasons. 1) I may be giving out information I shouldn't, and 2) I would reveal just how clueless I really am, and I'm supposed to come off as the ultimate GI Joe.

So in that vein, today, I picked up a Stryker and strapped it to my rucksack and ran around the airfield a few times, then did a few pushups. Then I time traveled and helped the Spartans kick some major ass so that the movie 300 could be made. But since I'm shy, I asked that my name not be mentioned in the credits.

That aside, thank you guys for reading and commenting and all that. Its cool to come back to my room to find comments and emails. I write for you these days. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't follow through, as I tend to do. Gracias.


  1. Anonymous said...
    A few more for your considersation:

    Top five favorite movies.

    It's FRIDAY! Does the end of the week hold the same meaning in the military, or is every day,including the weekend, the same routine?

    What was your worst high school experience? No fair saying 'all of it'!

    Cathy B
    Anonymous said...
    And another one for ya

    favorite quote or quotes

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