We Change

I was reading my older posts, the ones from the summer of 2005 when I first got here. I liked them a lot. These days, my posts arent like that. I used to try to find a way to make minor events interesting. Now I barely mention the big things. Like I've become so apathetic and indifferent to everything.

Lets try something.

All of you who happen to read this, email me or comment me with a question or two. Give me something to talk about that you're interested in. Lets see how well this works.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Tell us about your room mates (especially the funny stuff). Anything you write is interesting!
    Sean from DocintheBox said...
    I'm glad to see you made it home alright. All of the sandy brown of the desert tend to wash out all of the bright colors not to mention the the events you went through. Take care man.
    julie anna said...
    Who do you admire and why?

    What else do you do during/after work?

    What's your opinion of the hospital, PX, etc?

    Where off post have you gone and what things have you seen that caught your attention?

    What memorable moments have you had with other soldiers? Civilians? Dig deep!

    How does your family feel about you being in the Army?

    I know you have to be careful what you throw out onto the internet, so it may seem boring to you, but your life is one that many curious people can only dream about (or read about) and you have a unique way of telling your stories.

    You help keep America's Soldiers real and personal, not just some unknown face on CNN. Keep up the good work!
    LolaRusty said...
    I know this is late. Ive just recently come across your blogs; and enjoyed them so much Im reading in reverse chronological order. It's been an interesting view so far, and I have noticed changes...I cant wait to get to the begining. Anyways I would ejoy reading your perspective on love. Maybe on how you've felt predeployment and post. No need to satisfy this request, Im just an intrigued reader. Thanks for your service and blogs.

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