There's No Place Like Home

Probably the funniest, wittiest thing I've ever seen in the army was a few months back. Someone was obviously getting out of the army, and apparently its a semi-common tradition to tie the laces of your boots together and toss them onto a power line. No idea how popular this practice is, but I've seen it twice, in locations within 30 second sprinting distance of my barracks (depending on where you start me).

Anyway, here is the Badass of All Badass example. One day, I see something dangling from the power line, and I decide to further inspect, and by that, I mean squint my eyes slightly and walk a little closer, which is a very tedious scientific process, but well worth the grueling effort. Dangling from this magical black line of cable TV and such was a pair of desert boots, painted red and completely covered with red glitter. Ruby Red, dare I say.

There's no place like home...


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